Blog Task 1 – Favourite Blogs

Blog #1 Erin Loechner – Design for Mankind

The thing i liked about this blog post by Erin Loechner is how much I can relate to it and the tone of it is light, The way the blog post was written was very informal which made it more enjoyable to read

Blog #2 Robert Kuttner – How Do You Say Sh*thole In Norwegian?

I enjoyed this blog post very much simply because of how blunt and straight to the point it is. The title is what immediately made me click onto the post. The post was also full of different stats and figures which makes it easier to contrast things.

Blog #3 Mike Weisser – Doctors Are Getting More Engaged In The Gun Violence Debate, But It’s Not Rocket Science

The very real and reoccurring issue of gun violence is talked about in this blog post which i have a interest in. More statistics are shown in this post with regards to gun violence which again helps the reader contrast things. The tone is very serious which is also enticing


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